About kennel L' Amai

Kennel L' Amai is closely connected to my life, my love for dogs and breed flatcoated retrievers, so I can tell you some words also about me.
Ever since childhood I have been a nature enthusiast, an animal lover and especially a dog lover.

My first animal relationship developed with an English Cocker Spaniel called Mičko.

Even though he was a sort of a vagabond, he never let me out of his sight whenever we were going for a walk. I successfully suppressed his stubbornness and managed to teach him a handful of tricks. Even his owner, was thrilled over our relationship! Mičko is the one I should thank, since it was through him that I discovered dog language and the willingness of a dog to learn. Subsequently, all things mentioned lead me to dog care, socialization, dog training and above all a wish to find a way, how to keep dogs present in my own life.

The first dog of our family was at the same time our first flatcoated retriever Šota Tohočinska. She joined us in the year 1996. It was she, who brought the love for flatcoated retrievers into my life and kept it that way until this very day. She was also the one, who attributed to my knowledge of cynology. Through Šota I got to know the breed better and I decided that I am going to do something in return for the breed.

I made one further step forwards and started looking for the appropriate dog to raise in Slovenia.

One could say that the path of L'Amai started with Shiwa, a beautiful Scandinavian beauty that owns a very noble name: O'Flanagan Too Good To Be True.
In 2007 joined us cute and playful LeeLoo: O'Flanagan Råkar I Klistret. An enormous thank you goes to Mrs Lena Hägglund from kennel O'Flanagan, who trusted me enough to give beautiful girls to me and continues to help me with her many years of experience with dog breeding and training.

First L' Amai litter born in 2009, with seven adorable beauties
(Litters of kennel L' Amai).

All this years and still today I am learning and participate in various activities. Our dogs successfully achieves excellent results at both shows as well as at work in Slovenia and abroad.
L' Amai Lindy Hop and L' Amai Texas Tommy Swing successfully represented us in England (kennel Gemswin), L' Amai Two Step in Germany (kennel MiCava).

We are happy and pround of our show champions:
O' Flanagan Too Good To Be True
- CH J. SLO O'Flanagan Råkar I Klistret
- CH J. H, CH J. CRO, CH J. SLO, CH CRO, CH SLO L' Amai Sweety Tweety
- CH J. CRO, CH J. SLO L' Amai Love To Dance
- CH J. SLO L' Amai Sunny Hunny

More about shows you can find here: shows and about offspring successes.

As well as to all working achievements:
- PNZ, LPR, TPR, Working test: O' Flanagan Too Good To Be True
- R.CACIT, R.CACT: L' Amai Sweety Tweety
- PNZ: O'Flanagan Råkar I Klistret, L' Amai Love To Dance, L' Amai Limbo, L' Amai Lambada, L' Amai Theatre Jazz
- IRP-R/1, IRP-PO/1 – Search tests for Rescue Dogs: L' Amai Shoobee Doo

More about work you can find here: work and about offspring successes.

In this short text lots of events and adventures of kennel L' Amai are not written, so you are more than welcome through the L' Amai Kennel web pages to learn more. If you want hear something from the first hand, you are welcome to contact us:

L' Amai: a kennel of always happy flatcoated retrievers

Special thanks goes to special people, without their help our happiness would not be perfect as it is. To Mrs Lena Hägglund and her friends for trusted me and gave me beautiful girls, for all help, support and advice.
To all breeders and owners to allowed us matings with your handsome males.
To all our wonderful puppy owners for careful care and warm homes full of love. To all my Golden co-owners to allow me breeding mainly suitable for life of flatcoated retrievers and that you love tham as much as I do. :-)
And thank you to all individuals or groups that you help me, support me, share advice with me and train with us.
Thank you very much, I really appreciate it!

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