Born on 22.07.2009


* L' Amai Shoobee Doo »Šan«
* L' Amai Simsalabim »
* L' Amai Sympity Pu


* L' Amai Sha Lala »Črna«
* L' Amai Shin Shin »Luna«
* L' Amai Sunny Hunny »Hunny«
* L' Amai Sweety Tweety »Twisty«

How we grow up in kennel L' Amai:

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Many thanks to new owners of our flat coated retrievers. Thank you for your trust, for new, warm homes full of love. We wish you a lot of joy, successes, wonderful and unforgettable moments with your lovely pet. We are going to be very pleased, if you send us some pictures of your happy moments with your new love. Do call us and visit us any time, you are very welcome. Enjoy and see you soon!

Special thanks goes to people,... without their help our happiness would not be perfect as it is:
* Lena and to all her friends, family,...
* Mia Sundström
* Petra Zabret
* University in Ljubljana, Clinic for surgery and domestic animals
* Jože Drobnič dr.vet.med.
* Slovenian Retriever Club - SKR
* Slovenian Kennel Club - KZS
* Tatto referee: Srečo Gorenc
* Jana Radovanovič
* Family Sterniša
* Katja Poljšak
* Yvan Ruel
* Royal Canin- Zoo Market Preis
* To my family and all my friends!

Thank you for your help, support, advice and stimulation!

About parents:

f: SVCH Toffedreams Hey Baberiba »Elvis« & m: MULTI CH O'Flanagan Too Good To Be True »Shiwa«

Date of birth:
Date of birth:
Hips: A Hips: B
Elbows: 0  Elbows: 0
Eyes: Clear Eyes: Clear

Elvis & Shiwa

Pedigree of puppies:

SVCH Toffedreams Hey Baberiba

Toffedreams Wild Turkey

INTUCH N LCH NORDUCH NV-96 Coalport Country Man

O'Flanagan Imposant

Comics Summer Love



O'Flanagan Too Good To Be True

Inspirations Once in A Lifetime

FINV-04 FINV-05 SV-05 NV-04-05 NV-06 NORDUCH
Almanza Far & Flyg

Inspirations Philadelphia

SU(U)CH O'Flanagan Det Ligger I Släkten

Toffedreams Cotton Eye Joe

SUCH O'Flanagan Upp Som En Sol

My and Mia's nice words about Elvis:
Elvis is a wonderful dog full of different qualities.When it comes to training, he has a positive attitude no matter if we go tracking, train obediance or retrieve.

Elvis is very easy to train and loves to work. He is a spontaneous retriever and highlymotivated, but also focused and concentrated on his task. He is a good marker, he can easily take directions, fast finder and wonderful on the field, where he never gives up. He is powerful and work with excellent speed.
Elvis did a tracking test, working test and cold game test.

At home Elvis is calm and friedly, he really has the ability to relax indoors. He is a simple and an honest dog. He loves everyone and is a very “cosy” dog.
He is an elegant male with excellent size (61-61,5 cm). Elvis has done very well at shows and has numerous excellent results. At his first official show he was awarded with BIS-Junior title, only 9 months old, and ended up as 2nd best dog. From the swedish shows he has several nice results.

He is nicely balanced dog, with nice expression, correct eye shape, well angulated front and rear, excellent topline, move well,... In a few words I can say: Very nice flat coated retriever.

Shiwa comes from an excellent Swedish breed and is considered one of the most successful flat-coated retrievers in Slovenia as well as in other countries. As a puppy she left her mark at numerous shows and in various working fields.

With her constitution, femininity, excellent coat and the elegance of movement Shiwa soon became a rival of her older competitors at shows and has shown numerous excellent results. She is the champion of the Young Class in Slovenia, Croatia, Austria as well as in Sweden. She is a MULTI champion: Int. CH, CH SLO, CH A, CH CRO, CH H and she win a titles Best in Show Junior and Best in Show.

With regard to her work, she certainly doesn’t lack in success. At practices as well as competitions she proved to be an easy learner and an obedient, compliant, attentive, guidable and easily motivated dog. And those are certainly not all her qualities, since we could go on and on describing all of her positive characteristics that are such a necessity in numerous tasks. She has a remarkable sense of smell and search and one can easily notice her “retriever’s” instinct. She simply loves trainings and is always ready to fetch. She successfully finished numerous Field trieal and working tests.

More about Shiwa you can learn on her website: Shiwa and see her show and work results.

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