Born on 09.08.2011


* L' Amai Texas Tommy Swing »Lenny«
* L' Amai Tranky Doo »Grim«
* L' Amai Tsakonikos »Niki«


* L' Amai Tangomania »Leila«
* L' Amai Tap Dance »Shiva«
* L' Amai Terpsichore »Tita«
* L' Amai Theatre Jazz »Duti«
* L' Amai Turf Dancing »Ajda«
* L' Amai Twist With Me »Lija«
* L' Amai Two Step »Ava«

How we grow up in kennel L' Amai:

Many thanks to new owners of our flat coated retrievers. Thank you for your trust, for new, warm homes full of love. We wish you a lot of joy, successes, wonderful and unforgettable moments with your lovely pet. We are going to be very pleased, if you send us some pictures of your happy moments with your new love. Do call us and visit us any time, you are very welcome. Enjoy and see you soon!

Special thanks goes to special people,... without their help our happiness would not be perfect as it is:
* Linda Edberg and Sebastian
* Kerstin Hedberg
* Lena Hägglund
* Gemma Jacobs
* Hayley Marie Tomlinson
* Bärbel Gammon
* Heike Fillweber
* Michaela Seidl
* Katja Poljšak
* Maja Stopar
* Veterinary Clinic in Lesce, mag. Roman Burja, dr. vet. med.
* Veterinary station in Ljubljana d.o.o., Jože Drobnič dr.vet.med.
* Gorazd Drobne dr. vet. med.
* Slovenian Retriever Club - SKR
* Slovenian Kennel Club - KZS
* Breeding referee: Srečo Gorenc
* Royal Canin- Zoo Market Preis
* To my family and all my friends!

Thank you for your help, support, advice, stimulation, trust, visits and great pictures!

About parents:

f: SE(u)CH Black Mica's For Those Who Dare »Toby« & m: MULTI CH O'Flanagan Too Good To Be True »Shiwa«

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Date of birth:
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Eyes: Clear
Eyes: Clear

Toby & Shiwa

Pedigree of puppies:

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SU(u)CH Black Mica's That's For Sure

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O'Flanagan Too Good To Be True

Inspirations Once in A Lifetime

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SUCH O'Flanagan Upp Som En Sol

Toby is a very nice, happy dog who radiates joy and happiness in everything he does. He is a gentle, responsive dog that works very well with other dogs, regardless of their gender and age. He enjoys fetching and is calm and always focused on his activities.
From the very beginning he has been a spontaneous retriever in any game and has a soft and firm mouth. He is quiet in the passivity and works well independently. Also, he has a lot of will to please his owner. He became the Blood Tracking Champion in just 4 tests. Toby has a great passion for water and swims very well.

He comes from a Swedish breed and is of Norwegian-English origin. He hails from a healthy litter that has had great success in show rings. Six out of nine puppies in his litter have won the title of the champion despite their young age. Two of his sisters, Ch Black Mica's For Long Lasting Love and Ch Black Mica's For Pure Passion, have managed to become “Best In Show” at Club Show in Sweden and Switzerland. Two of his other siblings also started field trials and Toby himself is tracking champion.
Toby received his certificate within a year and under the panel of the following judges: Lena Hägglund, Bertil Lundgren, Jan-Roger Sauge. Toby has started the year with a great success, winning the title “Best Champion Male” and “Second Best Male” at Swedish local Club Show.

It is extremely hard not to fall in love with Toby because he is a great dog and has a remarkable personality of a flat-coated retriever. We look forward to an exciting future with Toby and his offspring!

You can see his website by clicking on the following link: Click here >>


Shiwa is a dog of Swedish origin that comes from the well-established O'Flanagan kennel and is also the most successful dog of the L’Amai kennel. She has a wonderful and a loving personality of a flat-coated retriever.

As a puppy she achieved success and left her mark at numerous shows and in various working trials.
With her constitution, femininity, excellent coat and elegant movement she soon became a serious competition for the elder dogs on shows and has won many titles.
Shiwa is a repeated beauty champion (MULTI CH). As a young dog she won beauty championships in Slovenia as well as Croatia. Later she won titles in Slovenia, Austria, Croatia, and Hungary. She also took part in shows held in Sweden. Shiwa gained several titles, such as CAC, CACIB, BOB (Best of breed) and Best In Show Dog (BIS) at a Club Show, held in Hungary.

She does not lack in diligence either. In training and games she is easy to teach, extremely obedient, dutiful, guidable, highly motivated, accurate… and a lot more. She has an excellent sense of smell and search and one can clearly see her fetch instinct. She simply loves training and is always ready to fetch.
One of her proudest moments was in Austria where she placed an excellent third place on the Working Test. She also performed marvellously in Field Trials and Working tests. She prides herself with the Show & Work Dog Title.

Shiwa is my one true love and I am always looking forward to participate in activities with her!

More about Shiwa you can learn on her website: Shiwa and see her show and work results.

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