Born on 22.04.2014


* L' Amai Versace »Oli« (Olaf)


* L' Amai Vogue »Dolly«

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About parents:

f: FR CH O'Flanagan Runs In The Family »Vänlik« & m: CH J. L' Amai Love To Dance »Kira«

Date of birth:
Date of birth:
Hips: A Hips: A
/ Elbows: 0
Eyes: Clear Eyes: Clear

Pedigree of puppies:

CH FR O'Flanagan Runs In The Family

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Vanlik is a 9-year-old male of Swedish breed that comes from the O'Flanagan kennel. He hails from the same line as our most successful female in the L'Amai kennel - Shiwa, O'Flanagan Too Good To Be True. With this combination, I have fulfilled a long held wish of joining our two very successful lines.

When describing Vänlik you can easily spot the traits of our Shiwa, which is amazing! Vänlik has a wonderful character and is always happy. He is the kind of dog that easily makes a good companion. His French owner takes him wherever she goes. Because of his kind, easygoing and loving character she never experienced any problems with him. During walks she is never worried because she knows how reliable Vänlik is and how patiently and obediently he will wait to fulfil her commands, regardless of the circumstances. This remarkable trait is especially important and useful during hunting missions.

He has successfully taken part in many field trials and working tests. Unfortunately, he no longer takes part in competitions but still enjoys training. The owner describes him as a great fetcher and a great joy to work with.

Vänlik is also a very successful show dog and the proud owner of the French championship title (CH F).
It is worth noting how remarkable it is that despite being nine years old he still has elegance in his movements. In shows he has taken part, the judges applauded his movements and said he is very pleasant to watch. Gifted by excellent movements, he makes easygoing and elegant steps and has a beautiful, firm and straight back-line. And even after four hours of walk, he looks fresh and in shape!

Vänlik is a dog any owner could wish for!


Kira is a female of the L' Amai kennel; from our first litter of beautiful chocolate-brown (liver) puppies with a gorgeous dark brown pigment. She comes from a very successful line of show & work dogs.

She is full of character and of gentle proportions. With her appealing manner she quickly touches one's heart and is extremely lovable. She likes the company of humans, loves the feeling that she belongs and is great with children. She is an easygoing dog and very easy to guide.

She has successfully passed the PNZ exam (hunting test - natural ability) and is preparing for many more hunting missions in the future. Kira virtually comes alive while working when all her hunting instincts are activated. She finds her 'prey' quickly and carries and gives off the aport very nicely. She is a pleasure to work with because she is very accurate, proud to show her work and has a great desire to please her owner.

She has also been successful in shows held both in Slovenia and abroad. She has successfully finished young championships in Slovenia and Croatia (CH J. SLO, CH J. CRO) and has successfully represented her breed even in higher classes (SLO, CRO, A). Among other things, she is also the proud owner of the BOB and BIS junior titles.

Her work and show career is still in full swing and we have quite a few activities lined up for her.

You can find out more about Kira on her webpage: Kira, as well as on the websites about shows and work.

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