Meetings and Events

In order to introduce the breed (especially in Slovenia), we are going to come together in joyous meetings of lovers and owners of flat-coated retrievers.

The purposes of these meetings are:
* good company
* trading tips
* schooling, training
* jubilant playing of your pets
* and so much more.

These meetings are an easy way to get advices and first-hand experiences of different owners on different topics.

Join us and stay tuned for the news, so you will not miss any of the meetings.
I can also inform you if you like, so leave a way of how to contact you.

11.09.2005, meeting in Varpolje, SI


21.01.2006, meeting at KD Krim, SI


11.06.2006, meeting at KD Duplica, SI


Summer 2007, Sweden- Umeå

In summer of 2007, Shiwa and I visited Lena (kennel O'Flanagan) in Sweden. We spent fourteen wonderful, yet active days and visited several shows, had active trainings... Shiwa outdid herself in every field and achieved some truly outstanding results and I acquired a vast knowledge on different fields and learned a great deal about shows, training, the breed...
An enormous thanks to Lena Hägglund!


12. - 15.07.2012, Retriever Camp Kobarid 2012, 4fun WT

We had active meeting of retrievers, most of them flatcoated retrievers. We spent a nice 'long' weekend in nature with great dogs. We have learned different techniques of training, we had workshop of working test and at the end we have fun on our 4fun working test.

* More photos of the event you can find on:
* Even more events like this you can find on website of: Club for working retrievers, Slovenia.


18.11.2012, meeting in Črnuče- Ljubljana


14.09.2014, FlyingDogs, Kamnik

We enjoyed the weekend at event FlyingDogs
Results of our dogs:

7th place for Kira: L' Amai Love To Dance & 1st in her group 'Flats Forever'
20th place for Tara: L' Amai Lambada
22nd place for LeeLoo: O'Flanagan Råkar I Klistret
27th place for Momo: L' Amai Pocahontas

Final results: Happy Dogs! :-)